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in Parliament.

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Nomination Contestant Forum:

When: Wednesday, May 1, 2019 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM
Where: St. Nicholas Parish Centre 20675 87 Avenue Langley, BC

Candidate Nomination Vote:

When: Saturday, May 4, 2019 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM
Where: St. Nicholas Parish Centre 20675 87 Avenue Langley, BC

This is the one and only opportunity to vote in the nomination.                                                                                                                        Be there. Be counted. 



Q1: Why should I be nominated?

Mark Warawa has done an exemplary job representing Langley-Aldergrove population in Ottawa.  I wish to continue to serve with the same principle of integrity and service.  More than ever, people elected to government must hold to the most stringent ethical standard.  It’s time to ask the ‘old boys’ club to move ‘over and out’.  Let the people speak – through my strong voice on your behalf.  

Q2: What issues am I passionate about?

The government must respect me, the voter!  Here’s how:

  1. Respect my money – remember that it came from me, so use it for essential and compassionate services
  2. Respect my autonomy – I can make my own decisions in my personal life, family, faith – thank you very much! 
  3. Respect private enterprise. Do not compete with my private business. Do not pick winners (and subsequent losers) with my money. 
  4. Make wise decisions for our country based on facts and data. Do not create partisan policies with the goal of re-election or based on popular thinking “fads”. Be bold to step out into Canada’s bright future with the best ideas based on reality! 

It is my belief that the Conservative Party of Canada supports these principles. Click here to see the CPC Policy Declaration

Q3: Does being a music teacher have anything to do with serving in Parliament?

Yes, it does. I have practiced problem-solving daily, for over 50 years. In doing so, I’ve learned to think creatively and find a better, innovative, and even beautiful solution to the problem before me. And all the time, in doing so, I have worked to be an inspiration, encouragement and a motivator because I know that I am dealing with real people.  All of this while operating my own successful business. 

Q4: How has running a business prepared me for this challenge?

  1. I have practised money management. Knowing that the dollars need to earned, and the dollars need to be spent wisely.
  2. I have become proficient in organizing, developing systems, and managing schedules. Software and data bases are my friends 🙂 
  3. I have discovered how to keep people engaged; learned to discern felt needs; learned how to bring out the best in each client.
  4. I have experienced the value of working collaboratively and effectively with motivated people.

Q5: What character attributes qualify me to be the conservative party candidate?

There’s an ancient proverb that goes like this: “Let another praise you and not your own voice.”

“…Very much a people person and perfect for the position.” – Elaine G.

“…Focused thinker, balanced, able to see value in opposing opinions. Articulate. Has common sense.” – Terry B.

“…Has integrity.” – Wendy F.

“…Discerning.” – Lois B.

“…Not afraid to speak the truth. Possesses youthful energy.” – Robert D.

“…Well-read, very positive attitude, lots of energy.” – May S.

“…Personable, persuasive (but you are allowed to say ‘no’ to her – she said so).” – Nico B.

How You Can Help:

1. Vote on May 4th – set a reminder
2. Follow me on Social media – share her posts
3. Talk to you friends – get them on board
4. Book a personal Q&A with Phyllis Heppner
5. Let Phyllis know you’re in her corner!


I want to hear from you. I know you have ideas and concerns. Let’s talk.


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Phyllis Heppner

  • Langley resident since 1984, classical and jazz musician, teacher, business owner
  • wife of 1, mother of 4, grandmother to 12
  • passionate about each person’s healthy development
  • convinced of the value of creating beauty all around us
  • sure that our community’s amenities should include a superb performing arts centre
  • offering leadership skills to Langley – Aldergrove and to our country 
Leadership has been entrusted to me as: strata council president, church music program director, large children’s club director, South Fraser Registered Music Teachers’ president, Langley Morning Toastmasters president. 
I hear your concerns: homelessness, crime, the cost of housing, the costs of conducting business, government over-spending, big bureaucracy, government intrusion, loss of personal freedoms etc, etc.    It takes integrity, wisdom and creativity to solve these and future problems without burdensome taxes and without wasteful spending!
I’m up for it! And I ask for your vote of confidence. 
VOTE for PHYLLIS HEPPNER on May 4th                9:30 AM to 3:30 PM
                                                                                      St. Nicholas Parish Centre 20675 87 Avenue                                                                    


Community involvement:

  • Ran for Langley Township Council in 2018
  • Appointed to the board of the CPCEDA (Conservative Party of Canada Electoral District Association)
  • Appointed member of The Langley Arts Council
  • Member of Mountainview Alliance Church (Langley) since 1984
  • Active in music and on staff as music director for 3 years
  • President of strata council – Langley, BC
  • Elected President of South Fraser Registered Music Teachers Association in 201
  • Joined Langley Morning Toastmasters in May, 2017. Became president in June 2018
  • Member of Brookswood-Fernridge Planning Committee for Langley Township


  • Born in Buffalo Narrows, Saskatchewan
  • Have been a Langley resident since 1984
  • 4 grown children: 2 sons, 2 daughters
  • 12 grandchildren ranging from 12 months to 18 years old


  • Taught piano from age 16 until the present
  • Received ARCT Teacher degree with 1st Class Honours with Distinction and earned the Gordon Hallett Scholarship for Highest Mark.
  • Earned a licentiate degree, LLCM in Recital Performance, from the London College of Music
  • Music Festival Adjudicator
  • Examiner with Conservatory Canada.
  • Played keyboard and recorded with a professional band, Quintessential Jazz


  • Conducted personal music teaching business for 50 years
  • Developed ‘the MUSiK SHOP’ in 2009, expanding to offer more instruments being taught

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To Represent Langley-Aldergrove in Parliament.